boycott cheltenham 2017
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I remember watching Cheltenham on the TV as a kid, and asking why they put plastic sheets around the horses when they fell. Once I learnt the truth about horse racing, I realised there’s no justification for it. There are hundreds of reasons why you should boycott Cheltenham 2017, and here are just a few.

Horses will die

A horse has already died this year, a 5 year old who was put down after a fall. Last years race saw a 10 year high in the number of horses dying, with a further 3 horses dying later in the year as a result of injuries.

boycott cheltenham 2017

Causes of death can include being put down, heart attacks, and broken necks and backs.

Is this worth a day at the races?

More than 400 horses die every year on British racecourses.

It’s painful for the horses

You have to be blind to ignore the whips jockeys use to control their horses. They’re forced to jump faster and higher than they normally would, and this is what will cause them devastating injuries. Bleeding lungs and gastric ulcers are also effects of being raced too hard, with younger horses being races before they are fully developed.

A horse’s heartbeat can increase tenfold during a race – from 25 beats per minute to an excessive 250 beats, leading to total exhaustion and collapse.


boycott cheltenham 2017

A racehorse may look beautiful and strong, however they are a genetic mistake. Over time it has been bred to be too fast, too large, and with legs that are too small, making them prone to breaks that will result in death.

These are animals that have been bred for human enjoyment, and are far from their natural design. Their bone mass has been compromised for speed, the ultimate sign of human destruction?

What happens after the race?

We’d all like to imagine that once they can no longer race, the horses go and live in a sanctuary somewhere. However, this is rarely the case.

These animals are designed to bring in money, and there is rarely a plan for their well being once this has been accomplished. Some will be used for equestrian work, some will be shot, and some will even be sold and butchered for cheap meat.

There is absolutely no reason to support the cruelty of horse racing, so please, boycott Cheltenham 2017, for the sake of the horses.

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