Monday, February 19, 2018
ivory ban china

China Officially Bans Buying and Selling Of Ivory

China's ban on buying and selling ivory has been in place since Sunday. Now, an animal charity and basketball player Yao Ming are aiming...
james cameron

James Cameron Explains Animal Ag Is ‘Choking The Earth’

Vegan director, James Cameron is urging the public and world leaders to recognise the damage animal agriculture inflicts on the environment. Vegan Preschool To Open In...

Mexico Bans Fishing In 57,000 Square Miles Of Ocean

Whether it's from pollution, over fishing or climate change, our ocean is suffering in unimaginable ways. Luckily, Mexico has decided to ban fishing in...
vegan diet

15,000 Scientists Urge Population To Adopt Vegan Diet

15,000 scientist from 184 countries are urging the population to prevent 'imminent world demise', and adopt a vegan diet. In October, an article was published...
meat eaters are destroying the planet

New Report Says Meat Eaters Are Destroying The Planet

A new report has warned meat and dairy consumption is destroying vulnerable habitats through the extreme land and water use demanded by the industry. According...
paul mccartney

Paul McCartney Slams Donald Trump For Being Climate Change Denier

For years, Donald Trump has been an outspoken climate change denier. Now Sir Paul McCartney has slammed him over his beliefs. In a recent interview...
pret a manger plastic

Pret A Manger Have A Plan To End Their Plastic Use

In a blog post by CEO Clive Schlee, Pret A Manger outlined its ambition to dramatically decrease the amount of plastic they use and...

New Zealand Dairy Farms Use Equivalent Of 60 Million People’s Water Demand

Experts say that New Zealand dairy farms now use the same amount of water as 60 million people. The New Zealand dairy industry is made...

Scotland To Get Another Vegan Festival

Like others, Scotland has also experienced the surge in veganism. Now they're set to get a brand new vegan festival based in the city...

Kenya Implements New Law Against Plastic Bags

Kenya has begun implementing a new law which imposes restrictions against the production of plastic bags. Kenya is the first to implement such legislation, up...

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150,000 mcvegan burgers sold

150,000 McVegan Burgers Sold In First Month Alone

McDonald's outlets in Finland and Sweden sold a collective 150,000 McVegan burgers during the first month the burger was on sale. Orkla Foods, the company...
sea shepherd

Sea Shepherd Opens Vegan Tattoo Parlour

Sea Shepherd, one of the worlds largest marine conservation projects, has announced they will be opening a 100% vegan tattoo parlour in Amsterdam. The new...
hospital plant-based menu

Hospital Launches Plant-Based Menu To Speed Recovery

A Florida hospital has launched a plant-based menu to help patients suffering from heart attacks, inflammatory diseases and Type 2 diabetes recover faster. Patients at The...