Saturday, August 19, 2017

Where To Find THE Best Vegan Recipes

Everyone's done it. Drooling over pics of delicious looking vegan recipes on Instagram and Pinterest is just a part of life. However, if like me you're...

How To Go Vegan In Three Easy Steps

Sadly, there is no magnificent metamorphosis to complete your transition into being a vegan. No sparkles, no cake, and no shedding of your skin....
Dog and Orangutan friends

Pet Vs Animal Lover

Almost everyone claims to be an animal lover. Whether they ride horses of they just have a dog at home, people cherish animals closely to their...

The Environment – You Don’t Care If You’re Not Vegan

People that say they care about the environment yet aren't vegan make me both laugh and cringe. If you so much as even care about...
Selection of vegan documentaries

5 Vegan Documentaries You Need To Watch ASAP

Take shorter showers and use energy efficient lightbulbs. Drive our cars less and turn off our lights to stop the polar bears from dying, correct?...
Vegan In Different Languages

Vegan In Different Languages – Getting By As A Vegan Worldwide

I know it can be fairly daunting travelling to a new country and not knowing if you’ll be able to a) eat anything in...
travelling as a vegan

Travelling As A Vegan- The Essentials

Travelling as a vegan Travelling as a vegan can be particularly hard for some, these are people that usually over complicate it and make it...
Map of Asia

Vegan Food Tips- Asia

Asia is great, great food, great people and great cycling. Vegan and worried about travelling to Asia? Don't worry, we're giving you some of...
high carb

High carb diets rock

Carbs are king. They provide the body with the energy it needs, they power muscles and the brain and without them the body would be...

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Washington Redskins Player Goes Vegan, Encourages Teammates

Trent Williams is the latest American football player to switch to a plant based diet. He follows a number of other well-known footballers to...
english slaughterhouses

CCTV Set To Be Compulsory In English Slaughterhouses

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has unveiled plans to install compulsory CCTV in English slaughterhouses. It's his second major proposal since he has taken up...
in bloom

Nirvana Themed Vegan Cafe Set To Open In The UK

In Bloom is set to open its doors in the Scottish city of Glasgow. In Bloom is a plant-based, vegan cafe that has a...