Monday, November 20, 2017

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Beginner Bike Tips - Man falling off bike

Beginner Bike Tips

Beginner Bike Tips It's always hard being a noob at something. Here's a list of the top ways to make your transition into cycling a...
S-works shoe

Review: S-Works Road Shoe

The S-Works road shoe is in the high end bracket of the market and thought of by pros to be one of the best...
cube cross disc pro

Review: Cube Cross Disc Pro 2015

A cross bike is worth its weight in gold come the English winter months and gives you the perfect excuse to get into racing...
How to use a power meter Chris Froome

How To Use A Power Meter – The Complete Guide

Many people jump into buying a power meter (which is awesome) but plenty have no actual idea how to use a power meter. It may...
specialized airnet

Review: Specialized Airnet

The Specialized Airnet is the American giants attempt at creating a perfectly balanced aerodynamic and functional helmet. By mixing and matching parts of Specialized...
A woman completing a cool down

Why Is A Cool Down So Important?

It’s surprising how many of us neglect to do a cool down (or a warm up), especially living in the heat and humidity of...

Why Every Woman Should Take Up Cycling

There's no beating around the bush, cycling is 100% a male dominated sport. From the lack of female races shown on TV to the...
runner completing warm up at dusk

Why Is A Warm Up So Important?

Just like a cool down, many of us can’t be bothered to do a warm up 80% of the time, yet this is one...
This is a picture of a Planet X Exocet 2

Review: Planet X Exocet 2

When looking at getting a TT bike I wanted to keep costs fairly low, so I wasn’t expecting much when I ventured into the...

Sleep: Why you should be obsessed with it

Sleep. Some of us love it, some don’t get enough of it. Either way sleep is one of the most vital things to the...

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