Tuesday, January 23, 2018

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Vegan athlete Barney Deplessis

Top 3 Vegan Energy Bars

Trying to find vegan energy bars that aren't filled with BS like added whey protein or milk can be a little tricky, but thanks...

Trolltunga- Why Even Hiking Noobs Should Come Here

Imagine feeling as if you’re at the edge of the earth. There is no one is around and you are perching on a rock...
Beginner Bike Tips - Man falling off bike

Beginner Bike Tips

Beginner Bike Tips It's always hard being a noob at something. Here's a list of the top ways to make your transition into cycling a...
S-works shoe

Review: S-Works Road Shoe

The S-Works road shoe is in the high end bracket of the market and thought of by pros to be one of the best...
cube cross disc pro

Review: Cube Cross Disc Pro 2015

A cross bike is worth its weight in gold come the English winter months and gives you the perfect excuse to get into racing...
How to use a power meter Chris Froome

How To Use A Power Meter – The Complete Guide

Many people jump into buying a power meter (which is awesome) but plenty have no actual idea how to use a power meter. It may...
specialized airnet

Review: Specialized Airnet

The Specialized Airnet is the American giants attempt at creating a perfectly balanced aerodynamic and functional helmet. By mixing and matching parts of Specialized...
A woman completing a cool down

Why Is A Cool Down So Important?

It’s surprising how many of us neglect to do a cool down (or a warm up), especially living in the heat and humidity of...

Why Every Woman Should Take Up Cycling

There's no beating around the bush, cycling is 100% a male dominated sport. From the lack of female races shown on TV to the...
runner completing warm up at dusk

Why Is A Warm Up So Important?

Just like a cool down, many of us can’t be bothered to do a warm up 80% of the time, yet this is one...

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ellie goulding

Ellie Goulding Announces She Is Going Vegan

In an interview with The Cut, British singer Ellie Goulding has announced she is set to go vegan. The Grammy award-winning singer had previously...
vegan ben and jerry's new ice cream

BREAKING: Ben And Jerry’s Launch Brand New Vegan Ice Cream

Ben and Jerry's has launched two new vegan ice cream flavours, Peanut Butter Half Baked and Cinnamon Buns. Vegan ice-cream now makes up 20%...
harvey nichols vegan

Harvey Nichols Debuts Vegan Menu Nationwide

Luxury brand Harvey Nichols has launched a vegan menu complete with a vegan wine list. The new menu will be available in seven different restaurants...