Saturday, April 21, 2018
sainsbury's vegan ice cream

Sainsbury’s Launch Own-Brand Vegan Ice Cream | AVAILABLE NOW

Leading British supermarket Sainsbury’s has launched their own-brand vegan ice cream available in three different flavours. The new ice cream launched under their own-brand Deliciously...
kangaroo meat

Lidl Ends Relationship With Kangaroo Meat Trade

UK supermarket chain Lidl has announced that they will be ending its trade in kangaroo meat, and will no longer sell the meat after...
plant fat

Swapping Animal Fat For Plant Fat Could Cut Early Mortality By 25%

A recent study from Harvard University has found that swapping animal fat for plant fat can reduce your risk of premature death by 25%. The...
vegan creme egg

Makers Of Vegan Baileys Working On Vegan Creme Egg

The creators of Besos De Oro, a plant-based Baileys alternative, have revealed that they are now working on a vegan creme egg alternative. Besos Food...

BOL Foods Announce They Will Go 100% Plant-Based In June

BOL Foods has announced they will become exclusively plant-based in June 2018. The move will see the brand reinvent 6 of their current recipes...
vegan chef

World-Leading Vegan Chef Says Veganism Will Become The Norm

World-leading vegan chef Mathew Kenney believes that the future of food is vegan. The chef has just opened a 100% vegan restaurant in Sydney's...
domino's new zealand

Domino’s New Zealand Could Soon Have Vegan Cheese

Domino's New Zealand has been polling its customers on social media to see whether there is enough demand to add vegan cheese to their...

Vegan Food Delivery Service Launches In South London

A vegan food delivery service called 'beet.', which launched at the beginning of March has quickly gained popularity in the homes of South London. The...
innocent drinks

Innocent Drinks Launches Three Vegan Milks

Innocent drinks, best known for their smoothies, has announced that they will be launching three plant-based milks with minimal ingredients. The new milks will be...
the real greek

Greek Restaurant Chain To Launch 30 Item Vegan Menu

UK Greek restaurant chain 'The Real Greek' is launching a 30 item vegan menu in all of its 15 outlets on the 21st March. The menu...

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plastic straw and cotton bud ban uk

Plastic Straws And Cotton Buds Set To Be Banned In New Government Plan

The Government has announced plans to ban the sale of plastic straws, drink stirrers and cotton buds in England and has urged Commonwealth countries...
virtual rats

‘Virtual Rats’ Developed To End Animal Testing

The University of Oxford has been awarded £30,000 to continue developing software for 'virtual rats', which aims to be more accurate than testing on...

Israeli Supermarket Set To Open All-Vegan Department

The Victory supermarket chain in Israel is set to open vegan departments in stores across the country after recording a 49% increase in sales...