How To Get Started With Cycling

get started with cycling

Get started with cycling

Cycling is great for for fitness. Not to mention it’s incredibly fun and gives you plenty of chance to socialise and meet new people. It’s arguably the best form of exercise. Here’s how to get started with cycling.


get started with cycling

Whether it’s school or work, ride your bike. It’s the most efficient method of transport and unsurprisingly, the most healthy. Get out on your bike and just ride. Only if your work or school has shower facilities though, no one wants to sit next to a stinking mess all day!

Find riding pals

Like any sport, cycling is infinitely better when you go out with a group of mates. Check sites like Facebook, Strava and the British Cycling Clubs page to find some group rides near you. Often made up of cafe stops and long enjoyable rides.

Make the most of good weather

get started with cycling

If you live in the northern hemisphere then it’s a guarantee you’re going to be in for some pretty horrendous weather for two thirds of the year. Make the most of every second of sunshine and warmth. You’ll miss it when the nights draw in and the weather turns cold.

Get a good fitting bike

No one wants to be uncomfortable while they’re out on a ride. Make sure you get yourself a proper fitting bike to ensure comfort even for the longest of rides. If you’re looking to get started with cycling, this is a must!

Stay hydrated

get started with cycling

No matter the time of year, make sure you’re always drinking plenty. It’s especially easy to become dehydrated in winter when you simply forget to drink. You may not be sweating like you are in summer but you’ll still be burning a lot of energy and dehydrating your body. Keep your fluids topped up and make sure you’re pissing clear.

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