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HANX, a business created to allow women to protect themselves and save animals, has launched their first line of vegan condoms.

The condoms are designed to be worn by men but tailored to appeal to women.

Bijoux Indiscrets launches vegan bondage line.

The condoms are made from fair trade vegan latex, come in a matte foil and are sold in a luxurious looking box designed to fit in a purse.

Gynecologist Sarah Welsh and investment banker Farah Kabir founded HANX with the mission to empower women to take control of their own sexual health.

“There isn’t a condom brand in Europe that focuses on women,” Kabir said, “and HANX is the first luxury male condom, designed for women, by women. Up until now, condoms have been designed by men, for men. This needs to change, and we are here to shake things up.”

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