Top 10 Tips for Long-Distance Electric Bike Trekking and Touring


Those who love outdoor recreation have a range of possibilities when it comes to having some fun. There are all sorts of ways to enjoy outdoor adventures these days. One of the things you can do is invest in an electric bike to make the most of the outdoors with activities such as trekking and touring.

So, why use an electric bike rather than a traditional one? Well, if you are planning to head off on a long-distance trek or tour, these bikes will provide far more in the way of convenience and ease. Of course, you will still need to pedal in order to move along.

However, the motor on these electric bikes helps to take some of the strain off. This, in turn, makes it easier to cover longer distances without getting completely worn out.

Valuable tips when touring or trekking on your e-bike

Electric bikes, sometimes known simply as e-bikes, are the perfect choice for those looking to enjoy long-distance tours and treks. You can make the most of your e-bike and enjoy a more exciting experience by following some simple tips. This includes:

  1. Familiarise yourself with the bike: Even if you are used to riding e-bikes, always familiarise yourself with any new one that you purchase. It is important to purchase your e-bike well in advance of the trek or tour. This will enable you to keep using it beforehand so you can get used to it and so that you can identify any possible issues. Don’t wait until you have started your long-distance adventure to do this!
  2. Invest in quality: The specifications, features, and quality of these bikes can vary from one make and model to the next. If you are going to be travelling long distances, don’t take the risk of a lower quality e-bike just to save money. Instead, head to specialist sites like Gtech Online, where you can benefit from both high quality and affordable pricing.
  3. Always be aware of your surroundings: When you are riding a regular bike, it is always important to be aware of what’s happening around you on the road. On an e-bike, this is even more important, as other motorists may not be expecting you to be going at this faster speed. Some vehicles may turn or pull out because they assume you are travelling more slowly because you are on a bike.
  4. Adjust your speed to suit the conditions: As is the case with any bike or other vehicle, you need to make sure you adjust your speed based on the environment and conditions. Conditions may vary quite dramatically when you are touring or trekking on your electric bike, so just make sure you make adjustments to the speed accordingly.
  5. Make sure you wear a helmet: Many people don’t bother with helmets when riding a standard bike, even though they should. With an electric bike, you will be going at faster speeds, so it is essential that you wear a helmet for safety reasons. This can also provide valuable protection when riding your bike on rough terrain during touring and trekking excursions.
  6. Check your tyres and battery: Again, this is something that is important with both electric and regular bikes. If you are covering long distances on your tour, you don’t want to take any risks. So, make sure that your tyres are properly inflated and that there are no visible issues that need to be addressed before you set off. Also, you need to make sure that your battery is properly charged. It can be difficult to remember to do this if you are used to riding a regular bike, so make sure you put this on your checklist in order to reduce the risk of forgetting.
  7. Put more effort into pedalling: One of the key benefits of these electric bikes is that it can take a lot of the effort and hard work out of pedalling. However, if you pedal harder than you need to at least part of the time, this can help to conserve your battery and improve your range. A lot of energy can be used up when pulling away from a stop and when riding in hilly areas. These are amongst the times you should try and pedal harder.
  8. Think about getting a second battery: With some electric bikes, you can add a second battery in order to increase the range. This could prove invaluable when going on a long- distance journey, as you will be prepared in the event that the first battery runs out of juice. If you already have an electric bike, contact the manufacturer or retailer for advice. If you have yet to purchase a bike, check before making your purchase.
  9. Keep your chain oiled: By keeping the chain on your bike oiled, you can improve the motor efficiency as well as your pedalling efficiency. This is important when you are going on longer trips. Simply oil the chain, leave for several minutes and then wipe away any excess oil.
  10. Make sure you have your bike insured: Electric bikes are a big investment for most people, so you want to ensure protection and peace of mind. When you are spending more time on the road on a long-distance journey, you need to make sure you have insurance coverage in place due to the risk of an accident.

With these simple tips, you can look forward to fun and adventure on your e-bike long distance trip.

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