10 Tricks for Making Hiking and Backpacking Easier

hiking and backpacking

10 tricks for making hiking and backpacking easier

Nowadays, it is really hard to escape reality. We are living in a technology driven society and no matter where we go, we are swarmed with social media, technology, marketing and affected by hectic life. This is why a lot of us love to find a reprieve in nature.

Hiking and backpacking have become increasingly popular in last couple of years. In a way, it can even be regarded as a hip thing. It gives us a feeling of freedom; same feeling that was taken from us by the modern way of living.

However, even though it is quite relaxing, there are certain rules when it comes to this activity. So, we made a list of 10 tricks that will help you hike.

Get into shape

When you think about hiking, you probably think about having fun in nature. But, hiking is harder than you think. The backpack alone can be quite a burden. Make sure to get into shape before a longer hike or backpacking journey.

Carry only necessary things

A lot of newbie hikers think that hiking is same as going on a trip. Although this is true to an extent, you are not allowed the same comfort. People tend to over pack bringing much more things than they actually need. Things such as hiking sticks, quality bags, sturdy shoes are just a few of the things you definitely need.

Pack synthetic clothes

Things such as cotton and wool can be quite troublesome when hiking. They easily get soaked and they are quite heavy. Synthetic clothes can provide same insulation and they are much lighter.

Be careful when it comes to food

When going for a hike, eating has a completely different function. It no longer represents a pleasure but a fulfilment of biological needs. Pack things that will restore your energy, not the ones that will make you happy. Also, carry food that is easy to digest. You wouldn’t like any stomach trouble in wilderness.

Be careful with water

Most of the hiking trails have springs. For example, if you’re hiking the Appalachian Trail springs are usually one day apart from each other. This means that you always can get fresh water. However, this doesn’t mean that this water is perfectly safe. Whenever you get water in nature, make sure to purify it.

Learn more about wildlife

Hiking trails in America are mostly safe. But, there is still a chance of encountering wild animals. To be perfectly safe, learn more about indigenous species and how to behave if you encounter them.

Think about the money

Some hiking trails require several months for hike-thru. Depending on your plans, you can make it a shorter or a longer hike. During this time, you won’t be working but you will still require money to buy groceries and other items. Make sure you have enough cash on your hands.

Bring a tent

Although most of the trails are domesticated and have shelters for hikers, you will still need to carry a tent. You might be caught by a harsh weather or a shelter may be full. Better safe than sorry!

Bring a map or a guide

Different things may happen while hiking or backpacking. Some people love to think they can easily manage wherever they go. But, it is much better to have a map of the area just in case.

Share with others and be polite

Hiking is all about people who wish to beat themselves and the wilderness. To do that, you might require help of others. You never know what might happen while on a trail. So, be polite, share food and be a team player. It is a proper way to behave in the wild.

These are the basic tips that will help you out while hiking and backpacking. Preparation is very important and it will likely affect your overall experience. If you wish to learn more about hiking on Appalachian Trail, one of the largest trails in US, check this guide!

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  1. In this article hikers will know that the hiking trails in America are mostly safe. But, there is still a chance of encountering wild animals. So in order to be perfectly safe, learn more about indigenous species and how to behave if you encounter them. Glad to read this article.

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