7 Vegan BBQ Ideas To Try This Summer

vegan bbq ideas

BBQ’s are one of the best parts of summer, but not when they involve pieces of dead animals. Instead, here are 10 of the most delicious vegan BBQ ideas that will tempt even the biggest meat heads in your family!

1. Grilled Garlic-Herb Corn

vegan bbq ideas

You can never go wrong with juicy, buttery corn on the cob. Now, give it a little twist with PETA’s recipe for a little kick that will drive everybody crazy.

2. Hot Dogs

vegan hot dog

When regular hot dog sausages are made of utter filth, these will tempt everyone around the BBQ. Use your favourite frozen vegan sausages, and use this recipe to seriously up your BBQ game. It’ll look like it’s just come off of a fancy food stall, and will be just as delicious!

3. BBQ Ribs

vegan bbq ideas

These look worryingly real, however it’s good old seitan! Throw these in the face of anyone who says being vegan means you can only eat the salad at a BBQ.

4. Potato Salad

potato salad

No BBQ is complete without helpings of potato salad, and I know that I’ve missed it since going vegan! Here’s the perfect recipe for a completely vegan side that even non-vegans wouldn’t be able to notice is cruelty free.

5. Tandoori Tofu


I’m not a huge lover of tofu in block form, but looking at vegan bbq ideas has opened a whole new world of tofu possibilities. With this tandoori marinade, you’ll be craving tofu for weeks after.

6. Roasted Artichokes

vegan bbq ideas

Artichokes are one of my favourite things since going vegan, and these Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes With Braised Garlicky Kale look insanely good. I am definitely having these at my next BBQ!

7. The Most Awesome Looking Burger EVER


Admittedly this isn’t what it’s technically called, but just look at it! This is the Kidney Bean-Walnut Burger With Mississippi Comeback Sauce, and I’m now craving something I’ve never even had. It does have quite a few ingredients, but go hard or go home!

Vegan BBQ Ideas Don’t Need To Be Dull

Next time you think you’ll just have to survive with a rubbish bowl of coleslaw and some bread, head to this article. Even if the weather’s crap and you cook it inside, you don’t need a BBQ to enjoy all this delicious-ness!

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