12 Year Old Hangs Himself After Being Bullied For Being Vegan


Being vegan, we often get the odd taunt here and there. However, poor Louie Tom Fenton, a 12 year old boy from Hertford, was bullied to such an extent he took his own life.

According to the Telegraph, he had endured years of bullying due to his veganism and even had meat thrown at him during his lunch break.

He was found dead in his family bathroom in January.

His mother wrote a heartfelt letter to the court about the horrific bullying that he endured, explaining how it had led to him to self harm and becoming a heavy smoker.

She explained that he would often go outside to eat alone, in an attempt to avoid the bullies.

In a statement his family said:

“Louie was a wonderful boy, much loved by family and friends alike. ‘He had wide ranging interests and was very passionate about them.

In some ways, he had wisdom and concerns way beyond his years, and in other ways he was a mischievous, enthusiastic boy to whom the world offered the opportunity of discovery and adventure.

Louie had a wonderful sense of humour and an infectious giggle.”

For a child to kill themselves it utterly heartbreaking, especially when they were being bullied over something as trivial as being vegan.

No one deserves to be bullied for their beliefs, and this case demonstrates that veganism is still regarded as ‘not normal’.

We are deeply saddened by Louie’s passing, and send deepest sympathies to his family and friends.

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