150,000 McVegan Burgers Sold In First Month Alone

It is hoped the burger will expand to other countries.

150,000 mcvegan burgers sold

McDonald’s outlets in Finland and Sweden sold a collective 150,000 McVegan burgers during the first month the burger was on sale.

Orkla Foods, the company who helped McDonald’s create the soy-based patty, has revealed the success of the burger since launching late last year.

In an interview with Foodnavigator, CEO Peter Ruzicka described how they sold 150,000 McVegan burgers in one month alone, branding the partnership as “very successful”.

“People want to eat more plant-based food, partly for health reasons, but also because of environmental reasons.” 

“Less climate impact than a regular burger made of meat…And this has received a lot of attention worldwide. This is a trend, of course, not only in the Nordics.”

To the surprise of thousands, the McVegan launched late last year. While there has been no announcement, fans have been eager for McDonald’s to release the McVegan in other countries across Europe and further afield.

Other fast food outlets have since released their own vegan options, with Subway recently launching their own vegan steak sandwich in Finland last week.

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