188 Rats Killed In Product Testing For Impossible Burger

Almost 200 rats have been killed by Impossible Foods, even though they were not required to conduct such tests.

impossible burger

Impossible Foods, the creator of the Impossible Burger, has voluntarily tested on and killed 188 rats during product development in three separate tests.

Although not required to do so by law, the Impossible Burger was fed to 188 rats, who were then killed and dissected to assess the effects of eating the burger in large quantities.

The rats were forced to eat “massive doses” of the product in order to test the effects of soy leghemoglobin.

Soy leghemoglobin is a genetically engineered protein that has been approved by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

It is found in the roots of soy plants, and is what gives the product a ‘meaty’ taste.

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The Impossible Burger is designed to mimic the experience of eating a regular beef burger.

Developed by Impossible Foods, a company operating in Silicon Valley, it mimics this experience through the isolation of overlapping properties found in plants.

Animal rights charity PETA have expressed their disdain at Impossible Foods testing their product on animals and explained why they will not be supporting the Impossible Burger.

“How could anyone feel good about eating something from a company that chose to feed caged rats “massive doses” of a substance before they were killed and their bodies were cut up?”

“And the company did it after disregarding advice from a PETA scientist who said that there’s no need to hurt and kill animals to test its burger.”

Impossible Foods were not required by law to test their product on animals, however, they decided to do so nevertheless.

Impossible conducted the tests to demonstrate to consumers and agencies that consuming even high quantities if a genetically engineered protein is safe.

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