3 Things To Know Before You Go Vegan

before you go vegan

3 things to know before you go vegan

I sometimes struggle to remember the time in my life before I went vegan. It feels like a different life altogether. There are however, a few things that stick prominently in my mind. It can be easy to make mistakes here and there when you first adopt the lifestyle. You probably only have a small understanding of just how much we exploit animals and use them in so many day-to-day products. Here’s a bunch of things you should know before you go vegan (it’ll make life a whole lot easier, trust me!).

Your favourite sweets probably have animals in them

before you go vegan
Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to satisfy your sweet tooth

Gelatine is rife in most confectionary. If it’s not gelatine then it’s probably one of those E numbers scribbled on the side of the packaging. Gelatine is made by grinding down the skin and bone of pig and cattle. Brightly coloured Haribo and jelly styled sweets distract from the dark reality of the process that goes into making them. There are a few, however, that are completely vegan. Think Skittles, veggie Percy Pigs, Jelly Tots etc.

If you want to find more completely vegan sweets, click here!

Watch those E numbers

A few years ago, there was the uproar about E numbers and how they were finding their way into almost everything. Parents were fuming and completely changing their buying habits.

Plenty of E numbers sadly come as the result of needlessly killing millions of animals and then sadistically grinding down their bones and flesh just to put them in other foods. It’s a cheap way for businesses to cut corners.

Before you go vegan you probably don’t give a single thought to E numbers. Make sure you’re checking the ingredients list on what you’re buying to ensure you’re not supporting the cruel industry.

Animal products are gross enough as it is. Who knew there were E numbers from HUMAN hair? That’s gross. If you want to avoid eating scalp, make sure you watch out for L-cysteine.

For a list of all non-vegan E numbers, click here! It’ll make shopping trips a lot easier.

Alcohol can catch you out

before you go vegan

I’ve never been much of a drinker myself, in fact I’m teetotal but I’ll throw this one to help you out anyway. You wont believe how many animal products there are in alcoholic drinks. It might be a strange thought but in a lot of cases animals are used to filter or stabilise the beverage. Spirits aren’t so much of a worry but we’re thinking beer, wine and cider. Ingredients to watch out for are:

Albumin – derived from egg whites; Casein – protein derived from milk; Chitin – derived from the shells of crabs, lobsters, etc; Gelatine – from bones and connective tissues of cows or pigs; Isinglass – obtained from fish swim bladders.

Looking out for all those ingredients can be hard. If you want to make life easier for yourself, simply search for the drink over on Barnivore and it’ll tell you if it’s vegan or not.

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