3 Vegan Whiskies To Cover Your Christmas Pudding

vegan whiskey

As you probably know, there is lots of alcohol out there that isn’t vegan. Luckily for whiskey lovers, this tends to be beer and wine, due to their filtration process. Whiskey on the other hand, tends to be mostly vegan! Here are the three best, and 100% vegan whiskies to cover your christmas pudding with this year!

The Glenfiddich Distillery Malt Whisky – £95

vegan whiskies

Regarded as one of the best whisky brands out there, Glenfiddich is also certified vegan friendly. In their distillation process they only use barley and water, and are also classed as gluten-free. This variety of whisky also comes with a personalised label!

A rich and golden colour, it’s “matured to perfection in three types of oak cask – sherry, bourbon and new oak – it is then married in our unique, handcrafted oak solera vat.”

Lagavulin – £54.90

vegan whiskies

This traditional Scottish whisky is arguably the most rich and smokey of all whiskies, this has salty, sweet flavours and long peaty finish. They also mature it for 16 years! According to the company;

“Scotch Whisky is made from cereals, water and yeast – natural products, and is not ‘fined’. Vegetarians can therefore continue to enjoy their Scotch Whisky. Filtration is a traditional practice for the purpose of removing haze floc. Any filtering uses purely physical filters and does not use isinglass, gelatine or bone char.”

Johnnie Walker – £135

vegan whiskies

Perhaps one of the most well-known brands of whisky, turns out it’s also one of the vegan whiskies! According to Johnnie Walker; “Johnnie Walker does not contain any animal by-products”. Yay!

Prices obviously range depending on the quality that you’re looking for, this blend however has won multiple awards than any other super premium whisky. They also warn that this isn’t a beginners whisky, so be warned!

So whether you’ll be giving vegan whiskies as a gift, pouring it over a pudding or just sipping it by the fire, be safe in the knowledge that it’ll be vegan!

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