31 Celebrities Call On Theresa May To Ban Fur In The UK

£650 million worth of fur has been imported into the UK since 2000.

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31 celebrities have signed an open letter to Prime Minister Theresa May urging her to support a ban on fur in the UK as part of a campaign called #FurFreeBritain.

While fur farming has been banned in the UK since 2000, the UK continues to import £650 million worth of fur from countries such as China and Poland.

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The campaign was set up by PETA in partnership with a number of other animal charities and hopes the government will take steps to make Britain fur-free.

“We are delighted that so many of the UK’s best-loved celebrities have spoken out in favour of a Fur Free Britain,” says a campaign spokesperson. “Their words echo the calls from the vast majority of the British public who want to see an end to animal fur being imported onto our shores.”

Camden Market Bans The Sale Of Fur

The letter forms part of the campaign alongside a UK Government and Parliament petition which has gained over 100,000 signatures and will now trigger a parliamentary debate.

With major commercial areas such as Camden Market banning fur, alongside campaigns and initiatives such as these, it is hoped a fur-free Britain is just around the corner.

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