The 6 Best Sites To Buy Vegan T-Shirts

vegan t-shirts

You’re a vegan and proud, so why not shout it from the rooftops with a vegan t-shirt? As well as being an awesome conversation starter, it also feels amazing to show others what you stand for, and that you love doing it. So with hundreds of different designs out there, where do you begin? Here are the 6 best websites to get your very own vegan t-shirts.

Veggie Athletic Store

Yes, a shameless plug for our own store. We just launched our own line of vegan clothing which we think looks pretty cool, if we do say so ourselves! Head over and check it out here!

Blood Tight Apparel

If you’re looking for straight up bad-ass vegan clothing, then this Blood Tight Apparel is your store. From vegan t-shirts to bags and wrist bands, the designs are classy and bold, straight to the point and extremely eye-catching. Love being vegan and don’t give a fuck who you offend? Then wear their meat is murder wristbands and spark a shit storm with pride.

VonStreicher Goods

These wise words we should all live by are sold on an Etsy store, and as well as catching the eye of everyone around you, you’ll also be helping animals out by wearing it, as the designer donates profits from the sale of each vegan t-shirt to a local animal protection and rescue organisation. Win-win situation!

V Apparel

If elegant designs and cute colours are your thing, then check out V Apparel. From gorgeous hamsa hands to cute illustrations of animals, this site sells delicate designs which still get the vegan message across perfectly. Sustainably and ethically produced, 10% of profits are also donated back to animal organisations.


As well as constantly campaigning and working towards bettering the lives of animals, PETA also sells some pretty nice vegan kit. With 123 products on their online store, they’re also one of the biggest places to get your clothes, with tons of choice over what kind of look you’re going for. Whether you want bold statement t-shirts or just something expressing your love for animals, everything you could hope for is here.

Herbivore Clothing

vegan t-shirts

Green and biodegradable clothing thats as good looking as it is for the planet? Yes please! Herbivore clothing has everything a conscious vegan could want. Short sleeved, long sleeved, aprons, socks, jewellery, you name it, they have it! So tell people to eat like they give a damn at the same time as dressing like you give a damn.

Vegan T-Shirts Galore

Now you have absolutely zero excuses to not rock a vegan top, whether you have a message to spread or just want others to know your compassionate choices, you never have to give up any style points when repping the vegan message.


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