5 Of The Best Faux Fur Jackets Winter 2016

faux fur jackets

Faux fur jackets are one of the best ways to show that giving up animal products doesn’t compromise on style. Whether you fancy a faux fur trim, or a whole jacket covered in it, encourage brands to switch to faux by supporting brands that already use it.

Jack Wills

faux fur jackets

Jack Wills don’t use any fur in their products, with this “faux equivalent evoking elements traditionally associated with vintage fur coats: opulence, practicality and impeccable taste.”

It’s £98.50, and looks luxurious AF. Show the world what Jack Wills has to offer, and carry their anti-fur message in style.

Pretty Little Thing

faux fur coat

If you live in the UK and you shop online, chances are you’ve heard of this brand. This isn’t the only faux fur coat they have on offer, and they’re all pretty reasonably priced.

Emulate old school movie style glamour in this baby pink creation, or check out their duffel coats lined with colourful faux fur. Fur is fashionable, but ONLY when it’s fake.


faux fur coats

King of the high street, Topshop offers one of the most realistic looking yet value for money faux fur coats out there. Only £79, this is luxurious and realistic, and demonstrate just how stupid it is to wear real fur nowadays.

Stella McCartney

faux fur coats

Stella is a vegan fashion icon. No fur or leather, she is the one to beat when it comes to high-end, cruelty free clothing.

This coat at £1280 is for the serious fashionistas out there, and proudly states a ‘Fur Free Fur’ label at the cuff. Cruelty free and PROUD!

Madeline Mode

faux fur jacket

This is an example of mid range faux fur jackets, simple, yet classy. Available in both grey and black, you’ll look catwalk ready when you whack on a pair of shades and black boots. Oh, and no guilty conscience either!

This is the 21st Century, and there are no reasons to still be wearing fur. It’s cruel, unnecessary, and people are catching on.


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