5 Videos That Will Make Vegetarians Go Vegan

make vegetarians go vegan

There are lots of vegetarians out there, many more than there are vegans. Although not eating meat is great, cutting out eggs and dairy is even better. What will make vegetarians go vegan is often information, and luckily Youtube is full of it. Show these 5 videos to your vegetarian friends and see what they think!

Dairy Is Scary

5 minutes long and sure to leave an impact, this is enough to make vegetarians go vegan in an instant. From talking about ‘giant cow dildos’ and jacking off bulls, it’s enough to make anyone go off of their cheese and milk. Not too graphic, but also sure to pack a punch.

Why Vegetarians Should Go Vegan

If you’ve got a friend with 20 minutes to spare, make sure they give this a watch. A comprehensive overview on why vegetarianism just isn’t enough.

The Egg Industry

If like me, your vegetarian friends simply don’t know about the horrors of the egg industry, educate them. The UK egg industry is no better than those around the world, and many people simply don’t realise. This one is pretty graphic, and might just break your heart.

Mother and Baby

There’s nothing more upsetting than seeing a baby being ripped away from their mother, and it’s definitely enough to make vegetarians go vegan. It’s the brutal truth of the dairy industry, and one not enough people know about.


One of the most tragic industries consuming dairy contributes to, is the veal industry. As male calfs are useless to the dairy industry, they only serve one purpose to those that exploit them. Dairy has a lot more blood on its hands than it makes out in the adverts you see on TV.

These videos combined are enough to make vegetarians go vegan overnight. By being veggie, it shows they’re compassionate, they simply need to take that little extra step.


  1. Taking on a vegan diet or a vegan lifestyle?. ie veganism?

    The term vegan is pretty obnoxious nowadays.
    I’m yet to meet a “true vegan”.
    Someone who is 100% animal product free in every single aspect of their life.
    This means no perscription drugs. No over the counter painkillers.
    No car,or bicycle. No traveling on buses or trains.
    No cheap mass produced in Asia synthetic clothing. Don’t forget a real Vegan abstains from all products of exploitation, both animal and human.

    If you live in a town or a city. If you have a regular job, you cannot be truly 100% a perfect vegan.
    Therefore you must accept that you are like me, a flawed yet trying the best they can, Vegetarian.

    Stop picking on us. We are on the same side as you.


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