70% Of People Believe Factory Farming Pigs Is Wrong

The study looked at the opinions of 10,000 across the globe.

factory farming

A recent study conducted on behalf of World Animal Protection found that across the globe, 70% of people believe that factory farming pigs is ‘upsetting’, ‘wrong’ and ‘shocking’.

Around 10,000 around the globe were asked about their attitudes towards factory farming, including people from countries such as the UK, the US, and China.

Earlier this year, a series of international surveys also found that 89% of supermarket shoppers would be willing to change where they shop if a supermarket commits to improving the lives of pigs.

The study for World Animal Protection also showed that 85% of people in China are willing to change where they shop and buy from supermarkets that commit to improving the lives of pigs.

CEO of World Animal Protection, Steve McIvor said: “It doesn’t have to be this way. We need to see an end to close confinement and barren environments, so pigs can live in social groups in comfortable environments with opportunities to express natural behaviour.

“Supermarkets hold the power to create better lives for pigs. We are encouraging customers of leading supermarkets to let them know they expect higher welfare standards for pork products, with the guarantee that pigs are raised right.”

The study also found that consumers were concerned about the use of antibiotics within factory farming.

They found that eight out of ten people in Brazil, Thailand and Australia are concerned about the human health impact of routine use of antibiotics in farm animals.

WAP states on their website: “Pigs are squashed together in dark, squalid warehouses, and are forced to lie in their own waste. These cramped, stressful conditions are the perfect breeding ground for infection, which leads to routine, indiscriminate use of antibiotics.” 

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