70% Of U.S. Campuses Offer Daily Vegan Options

daily vegan options

Veganism is spreading rapidly, and no more so than with the younger demographics. Being a vegan at University can sometimes be tough, however daily vegan options are now becoming a reality, with 70% of Uni’s in the U.S. offering at least 1 daily.

According to VegNews, Peta surveyed 1,500 colleges and found that 19% now offer completely vegan dining stations, up from just 9% last year. 

The 70% figure is also a sharp increase from previous years, with only 28% of U.S. colleges offering a daily vegan option in 2014.

Marta Holmberg, senior director of peta2’s Youth Outreach & Campaigns, says;

“As vegan food has become more accepted by the mainstream,” … “the idea of establishing a section of the dining hall that serves no meat, eggs, or dairy products has become less controversial than it would have been just a few years ago.”

Although this is a U.S. survey, as a student in the UK I can also see a large change in the amount of vegan options.

Last year, I was only able to purchase some ready-made sandwiches from the Union shop. However, they have now added an Asian food station with many vegan options, along with a 100% plant-based falafel stand.

I also spotted some vegan chocolate dessert in the shop just the other day!

Those at University are much more open to the idea of a vegan diet, which means it makes complete sense to provide daily vegan options in as many University’s as possible.

Not only does providing these options make sense ethically, but also when it comes to health.

Uni life is filled with late nights and binge drinking, so providing plant based food options as much as possible provides the opportunity for students to start taking care of their health.

Give it a few more years, and I’m sure 100% of Uni’s will have daily vegan options, at least!

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