8% Of Young Brits Believe UK Will Be Meat-Free By 2030

It is estimated 7% of the British population is vegan.

8% of young brits believe UK will be meat-free by 2030

In a survey conducted by YouGov, it was revealed that 8% of British residents between the ages of 18 and 24 believe the country will be meat-free by 2030.

Conducted on behalf of ThoughtWorks, the survey asked 2,000 British residents between the ages of 18 and 24 what they thought would change their shopping habit in the next 12 years.

7% Of The UK Population Is Now Vegan

8% of those surveyed believed the UK would be meat-free by the year 2030.

32% of those surveyed also indicated they were interested in supporting ethical companies, while 62% were concerned about reducing the amount of plastic packaging that comes with their food.

“Over the next decade, food is set to become much more closely linked with convenience, health, and well-being.

Global supply chain will change dramatically, and extreme weather around the world will result in scarcity of basic foods,” ThoughtWorks director of retail strategy Kevin Flynn said.

“Food waste and use of needless packaging will also change the way people buy food, as the era of a decadent waste society will end.” 

Last month a survey found that 11% of Australia’s residents now identify themselves as living meat-free, while in the UK it is estimated 7% of the population is now vegan.

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