‘Aggressive Vegans’ Put A Quarter Of Britons Off Going Veggie

aggressive vegans

Vegans often want their friends and family to go vegan too, for a multitude of reasons. How they go about it however, varies from person to person.

While friendly support or taking them out for vegan food might be some vegans tactics, some opt for the more direct approach. However, some opt for the more direct approach, and recent research might suggest that these ‘aggressive vegans’ are in fact doing more harm than good.

Within the study, they looked at the five main reasons people choose not to get vegan. These were:

  1. I like the taste of meat too much (81 per cent)
  2. Meat substitutes are too expensive (58 per cent)
  3. I’d struggle for meal ideas (50 per cent)
  4. My family eat meat and wouldn’t consider going vegetarian or vegan with me (41 per cent)
  5. The attitude of certain vegetarians/vegans has put me off (26 per cent)

A whopping 26% of those asked found vegans themselves are the reason they don’t cut out the animal products. When asked in more detail why, 37% explained “they were quite aggressive to those eating meat”.

Aggressive vegans can often be seen in the media, whether it’s storming restaurants with placards or throwing red paint in the streets. However, these are only a tiny amount of the vegan population.

In a way I agree with these results, and can’t imagine I ever would have gone vegan because angry people demanded me too. It took my boyfriend almost a year of education and gently persuasion to cut out all animal products, and I know if he had taken the aggressive approach it would only have had a negative approach.

On the other hand, vegans may often be seen as ‘aggressive’ purely because they are passionate. Once you realise the atrocities of the animal agricultural industry, you will do anything to make it stop.

aggressive vegans

I encourage those who find vegans aggressive to look at why they feel this way in the first place. Why do they go to such extremes to make other people vegan? Perhaps then they will understand.

It’s also shocking to see within the study that 50% of those asked think they would struggle for meal ideas! There are hundreds of cookbooks out there, and even Facebook pages such as Bosh that will surely inspire even the worst of cooks.

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