Agriculture Minister Brands Vegan Products ‘Unsettling’

agriculture minister

Vegetarian sausages should be called something else because the term is misleading as they do not contain meat, Germany’s agriculture minister has said.

Christian Schmidt called for a ban on names such as “vegetarian schnitzel”, “vegetarian sausage” and “vegetarian meatballs”, which contain meat-substitute products, because they are confusing for customers.

I guess you could say ‘bacon’ and ‘eggs’ are all misleading too right? If we wanted ‘clarity’ and ‘transparency’ we should be calling it murdered pig and chickens period. What a ridiculous man. The animal agriculture industry funds a huge amount of politicians and makes up a large portion of donations.

They’re arguably the most powerful industry in the world. So, with plant-based milk and vegan food sales increasing, it’s not surprising the evil little minions are hitting the panic button.

agriculture minister
These are actual living creatures and this is how disgustingly they’re treated. Imagine if we did this to a human.

He told German newspaper Bild: “These terms are completely misleading and unsettle consumers.”

Surprisingly enough, I don’t think you’d be able to find a single customer that’s ‘unsettled’ by calling something vegetarian or vegan.

If you care about things unsettling us I think you should be more concerned about how cows are constantly impregnated, have their children taken from them and are then murdered by a slit of the throat or a bolt to the head. Or how about how male chickens are, without second though, thrown into a grinder, experiencing perhaps the most cruel and painful death known?

That’s not unsettling at all right?

I think that’s substantially more unsettling than calling something vegetarian or vegan.

agriculture minister
This is the largest holocaust the world has ever seen.

Manufacturers should not “pretend to have meat in these pseudo-meat dishes”, he added.

Mr Schmidt was unhappy about the sale of “vegan curywurst” – a meat-free take on a spicy pork dish that is popular in Germany.

He said he has written to the European Commission demanding that rules governing the use of the terms “milk” and “cheese” are applied to meat as well.

agriculture minister

The minister’s spokesman, Jens Urban, told reporters: “He considers names such as vegan currywurst and so forth to be misleading to consumers.

“Clarity and truth, transparency for consumers – those are the measures that should apply for the labelling of all products, always and forever.”

Asked whether the measures could also affect beefsteak tomatoes, Urban said that the ministry was not aware of any “consumer confusion” about such products.



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