Air India Goes Vegetarian To Reduce Waste

air india

Air India has decided to remove non-vegetarian meals in economy class throughout their range of flight paths. The move comes as the company wants to cut waste and become more efficient.

While the airline will no longer serve meat to economy passengers, business and first class customers will still be given a choice of meals.

The airline said that the main reason the decision was made was to reduce waste, reduce cost and improve the catering service on board.

air india vegetarian

The airline also explained that vegetarian options are significantly higher in demand compared with non-vegetarian options.

Eating vegan is significantly cheaper than consuming a meat-based diet.

“We implemented this move about two weeks back. It is expected to save us Rs 7-8 crore annually,” said a senior official.

“Also, we run short of vegetarian meals, leading to complaints. So we decided to serve only vegetarian meals”

Air India is the first airline to take a step in the right direction. As the surge in veganism rises, we can hope more airlines scrap serving meat and commit to more ethical flying.


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