Alesha Dixon Wants To Make Eating Meat Illegal

alesha dixon

Alesha Dixon has made a bold statement, claiming if she ran the country, she would make the killing and eating of animals completely illegal.

Dixon went pescetarian after being inspired by her mum, who is vegan, however, she is yet to make the transition to veganism as she still consumes seafood, milk and dairy products.

She said, “I’d make smoking illegal and I’d ban the slaughter of animals for food or anything.

“So I’d close down every factory responsible for either and make it illegal to smoke or eat meat. Everyone would be fine, trust me!”.

2017 saw a number of celebrities turn vegan, with the likes of Lewis Hamilton, James Arthur and Ne-Yo making the transition after watching What The Health.

Meanwhile, some fashion brands have stopped using fur while some fashion designers have moved to a vegan lifestyle. 

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