American Egg Board Threatens Vegan Alternative


For people who still don’t believe that there is money and power behind what you’re told to eat by government officials, give this a read. The American Egg Board, part of the US Department of Agriculture, has been found to have been lobbying against a vegan, low cost mayonnaise alternative. This is also the company that provided 14,000 eggs to the White House for the annual easter egg hunt.

the AEB advised agriculture giant Unilever how best to pursue action against Hampton Creek, joked about having Hampton Creek founder Josh Tetrick killed, and paid PR firm Edelman to buy coverage praising industrial farming on food blogs in response.

In documents obtained by The Guardian, it was found that The American Egg Board viewed the vegan alternative as a major threat, and a crisis for the $5.5bn a year egg industry. Eating animal products is not natural, it is quite clearly a business and nothing more. This is what happens when those who make money from exploiting animals have the ground pulled from under their feet.

american egg board

Not only is the American Egg Board a business, it is a politically connected business. This is the government that will come up with BS guidelines on what schools should feed kids, and how healthy animal products are. Of course this will have nothing to do with the fact multi billion dollar companies are tied to them *sarcasm*.

At the American Egg Board, our singular focus is on supporting the American egg farmer and communicating the value of the incredible edible egg™

– a statement from Joanne Ivy, so all of those emails and attacks on your rivals was in the interest of the American egg farmer then?

Joanne Ivy

Joanne Ivy not only sent emails to employees about the vegan alternative, and how she wanted to take action against them, she tried to get employees to delete these emails so there would be no evidence. Doesn’t sound like the actions of someone who wants to protect American Farmers and nothing else. Not to mention that she also resigned shortly after.

How this is a positive sign

To take away from this, veganism threatens companies. Companies which have made their millions pulling the wool over the eyes of consumers for too long, and now feel threatened. The American Egg Board is simply a company that got caught, take a look at UK government funded milk adverts that used to be on the sides of buses.

It also demonstrates just how powerful veganism has become. When companies as big as this are worried, it means we’re really starting to make an impact.

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