Animal Fur- No, There’s Nothing Glamorous About It

animal fur

Wearing animal fur isn’t cool.

Recently a Facebook page named ‘Real Women Wear Fur’ sparked outrage, and rightly so. These stuck-up, obnoxious women seem to think an animals fur looks better on them than it does an animal.

animal fur facebook
Ah, a separate bedding area before they’re slaughtered. How kind!

Sadly for them, the only place fur looks amazing is on the animal you stole it off. Not your slimy backs.

The only way to explain this group is vile.

Since the Facebook page came to light, they have since turned public comments off after receiving a (understandable) tirade of hate. An opposing Facebook group has also sprung up, aptly named ‘Real Women Wear Fur Nonsense’.

In reality, no one has the right to take an animals fur just to appease their sense of fashion (and I use that lightly because they have none).

These scumbags genuinely think there’s nothing wrong with killing animals to take their fur. They also seem to think that vegans are ‘extremist’ because we don’t want to pay someone to kill another beautiful animal.

animal fur
Or how about a nice coat that doesn’t exploit animals?

Seeing as they see animal skin as an object and put little thought to the life the animal has a right too, it allows me to assume something.

As my understanding goes, they’d be fine with someone killing their mother/brother/son/daughter and wearing their skin. As long as it aligns with their sense of fashion, right?

All living things have a right to life and don’t deserve it to be taken away just to please your fashion taste.

If only these women could hear themselves and open their eyes. It’s 2016 and there’s still groups of human beings that think this is ok.

It’s not ok. It’s not ok to take their skin and it’s not ok to take yours. It’s a shame these people lack common compassion as these reckless, extremist thoughts will only be passed onto their friends, family and children.

Being vegan isn’t extremist. Murdering an animal, slicing its skin off and wearing it is extreme.

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