April Ross, Vegan Volleyballer- Rio 2016


Getting to the semifinals of the Olympics is no mean feat, yet April Ross and her beach volleyball partner has done it! What makes April Ross so special? She’s yet another vegan athlete!

At a towering 6ft 1 and needing a combination of power and speed, veganism is perfect to get all the necessary nutrition. In fact, she says that since going vegan she feels even stronger than ever.

april ross

“I’m at my lowest weight I’ve maybe ever been while playing beach volleyball, and I’m at my strongest,” she explained. “So, my power-to-weight ratio is the highest it’s ever been.” 

A typical breakfast for superstar Ross is as follows. Oatmeal, mixed with almond milk, cinnamon, bananas, blueberries, and dates. YUM! This is the proper way to start your day, not with crap like bacon and eggs.

She spends 5-6 days a week training on the sand, as well as weight sessions. I would love to see how she managed this and competing at the highest level if she was lacking in any nutrition.

april medal

Although April Ross is eating vegan by definition, she is more technically plant based. She starting eating vegan foods purely for health reasons, and “mostly eats vegan”.

However, I have nothing but praise for her. Sure she may not be an ethical vegan, but she is highlighting the benefits of eating a vegan diet.

“I try to follow a vegetarian, plant-based diet as strictly as I can,” says Ross. “If I’m really craving meat I allow myself to have it in limited amounts, especially if my training or competition volume is higher than normal.”

But April Ross isn’t 100% vegan?

Sure her eating meat every now and again isn’t great, but she is on the right path. If she eats vegan 99% of the time she is still better than the majority of athletes, and it takes just one person to inspire another.

april jump

When she included an example of her ‘what I eat in a day’, it was 100% vegan. Yay! Even a dietician raved about how nutritious it was.

I would much rather see an athlete eating vegan the majority of the time and have a few slip ups than not at all. Now all we need is a vegan Olympic medal to show the world what we can do!

She is strong, tall and powerful, showing the world that no one needs animal products to succeed.

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