Are Vegans Better People?


One thing about vegans that seem to piss people off most, is their ‘self righteousness’. So, are vegans better people because they don’t eat animal products?

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In my opinion, what makes someone a good person, is their actions and the way that they interact with the world. For example, what they stand for, what they leave behind, and what they offer to help and improve it. So it’s important to remember what vegans do. They don’t eat or use any animal products, including honey, dairy, eggs and meat.

Why would not consuming these products make someone a better person? Vegans aren’t benevolent, flawless people who don’t make mistakes or have dark sides, but on one level they are arguably ‘better people’.

are vegans better people

By not consuming animal products, they limit the amount of suffering inflicted on the world. By not eating meat, animals don’t suffer and die for them, therefore are arguably more ethical. They also require less strain on the worlds resources, without the need for animal products and the land needed to create them.

Less suffering, less harm on the environment, and less death. Do these things make someone a better person? Through being vegan and the choices that you make, you can be a better person in one sense of the word. You may still be a dickhead or a misogynist or a whole ton of other things, but at least you are a better person in one way.

are vegans better people

But why does the question ‘are vegans better people’ piss so many people off? Perhaps because understanding what makes someone a good person is open to opinion. I truly believe that for example, someone who sets forest fires is a worse person than someone who doesn’t. Just like someone who doesn’t kill animals and contribute to the destruction of land is in some ways better than someone who does.

Don’t get me wrong, if a rapist or murderer happened to be vegan that doesn’t suddenly make them a good person. It’s about taking all the aspects of someones personality into play.

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Are vegans better people? Perhaps not all the time, but in one sense, yes. You cause less harm than someone who eats meat, whether they want to believe it or not, and when you look at it from an objective point of view, this helps to make you a better person.

You won’t turn into Mother Theresa or the Virgin Mary by being vegan, but at least one part of your life will be slightly more ethical and moral.

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