Are Vegans Too Sensitive?


Vegans are teased for a multitude of reasons, and many can laugh it off. However, are vegans too sensitive? Being a member of Vegan groups in both the UK and Singapore, everyday I see people posting about or complaining about the most sensitive, and dare I say it, stupid things.

The most recent? A woman asking if it was reasonable for her to be offended over her boyfriend wanting a steel stag head to go on her wall. She posted a picture, and it’s a gorgeous piece of art. Clearly this is nothing remotely like a hunting trophy, yet she was saying if it was okay for her to find this offensive.

are vegans too sensitive

Is this seriously the levels of sensitivity vegans will be known for? The other? People complaining on a post where a woman posted a cute picture of her cats after their yearly bath. Apparently, they ‘looked sad’. Dear god.

The woman on this cat post made it clear that her cats have extremely long hair that often gets too dirty for them to clean, and that they enjoy their baths. After all, it’s only a god damn bath. Cue cat experts saying she was abusing her cats, that they look distraught, she shouldn’t be allowed cats etc.

These are just a few examples of what I see ALL the time in the vegan community, I think it is much more detrimental than it is helpful. Are vegans too sensitive? Or are these emotions justifiable?

Are vegans too sensitive?

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No one can live life constantly being offended by everything that they see, and as vegans we need to have our priorities in order. We want animals to not suffer, plain and simple. This doesn’t mean that we take offence to everything even slightly animal related, and come off as sad twats in the process.

For veganism to become more mainstream, we need it to be relatable. This means not crying over a picture of a cat having a bath or having a mid-life crisis over whether a piece of art is appropriate or not.

We get teased enough as it is, please don’t throw fuel on the fire.

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