Argentina Implements Vegan Mondays


Argentina’s Casa Rosada (the equivalent of the White House) has announced it’s commitment to only serving vegan food on Mondays.

The Casa Rosada employs 554 people who will all be following the vegan Mondays rule.

Barrack Obama urges the world to ditch meat to save the environment.

The president of Argentina, Mauricio Macri, will also be following the rule in the hope of improving the environment and their health.

The hope is that it will start a nationwide conversation about the health issues surrounding the high meat diets a majority of the population follow in Argentina.

“The only thing that will defend us from an unhealthy diet will be behavioral changes in the way we eat,” Argentina’s Secretary General Fernando de Andreis explained.

“The purpose is to trigger a conversation about our food, our health, and begin to change our diet.”

This follows other politicians and world leaders spark debate over the consumption of meat, with many supporting a vegan lifestyle. Former President Barrack Obama recently linked animal agriculture to the devastation that is currently tearing through the environment.

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