Should Arresting Vegan Parents Be Legal?

arresting vegan parents

Another day, another idiotic comment made about veganism. This time, it’s about arresting vegan parents who feed their children aged 16 and under a vegan diet. Reading about this made my eyes bleed it was so stupid. Why? it’s all about arresting vegan parents.

It states that ‘Parents who force their children to eat a vegan diet would face prison’. This is apparently to help those “lacking essential elements for healthy growth”. Yes, this Italian MP really thinks that a vegan diet means missing out on essential nutrients.

The MP in question, Elvira Savino, wants to protect minors from “radicalized” parents. This, without a doubt, is the most painfully idiotic thing I’ve seen written about veganism.

vegan kids cute
Do these kids look ‘radicalized’ to you?

To not just suggest, but flat-out state that vegan parents are “radicalized”, is not just stupid but offensive too. If you want to live a compassionate and healthy lifestyle, there is nothing radical about it.

By using the term radicalized, she also provokes fear into others, making vegans sound extreme, and as if they were the enemy.

Is being vegan the real problem here?

Due to her belief that vegan diets lack iron, zinc and B12, Savino wants parents to face 1-2 and a half years behind bars if their child gets permanently sick or hurt.

The article then mentions 2 cases of children suffering from conditions apparently brought on through a vegan diet.

healthy vegan

The main issue with the idea of arresting vegan parents like this is the pure hypocrisy of it all.

Where are the legal implications for feeding a child proven cancer causing foods like processed meats? Or how about smoking in front of your children?

In the UK, 31% of children aged 2-15 are overweight or obese. And in Italy, this figure is even higher. This is the real issue that needs to be tackled.

italy obese

As the diagram above demonstrates, Italy is in fact HIGHER than the US in terms of childhood obesity. How is 4 cases of parents in the past year feeding their children irresponsibly and blaming veganism the issue here? I think it’s pretty blatant that this is the last of the governments worries.

Furthermore, how would this law distinguish and measure if the permanent sickness or issues are caused by a vegan diet, and not just a harmful diet that happens to be vegan? Adding to this, will the same laws be put into place for overweight children?

Veganism vs obesity

Lacking in B12 can be solved with a simple supplement. Obesity however, can be a lifelong battle. Those obese in childhood will find it much harder to keep at a healthy weight later in life, and can lead to a large array of diseases.

the independent

The children in Italy suffering from their parent’s wrongdoings is awful. However this does not reflect feeding a child a vegan diet. They failed to mention the thousands of happy and healthy vegan kids, and how they are thriving.

The parents in question could have fed their children nothing but coke and chips, as technically this is vegan. The issue is not that the food was vegan, but that the food was not healthy nor sufficient for the child.

This blind sighted MP has an anti-vegan agenda that needs to be addressed. If only she cared as much for the blatant child abuse right in front of her, the amount of obese children in the Western world.

Is arresting vegan parents helping children?

arresting vegan parents

A few unfortunate cases of parents who had no idea what they were doing is the least of governments worries. The real focus should be on the animal products being consumed and the detrimental effects it is having on our children’s health.

If you really want to help the health of children, having them eating vegan be a crime is not the way forward. This is not what is leading to a generation that will be fatter than, and die before their parents.

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