Asda Launches Vegan Mince Pies

vegan mince pies

Asda has launched vegan mince pies in the lead up to the festive season, featuring the stamp of approval from the Vegan Society.

There has been a number of ‘accidentally vegan’ mince pies sold at other retailers, however, these are the first mince pies specifically aimed at the vegan market by a large supermarket chain.

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According to The Metro, Asda now predicts 18 million vegan mince pies will be bought and eaten before Christmas.

“This festive season, Asda is proud to announce we now offer mince pies that are suitable for vegans and have been accredited by the Vegan Society,” says Ciara Loker, baker product developer at Asda.

“At Asda, we are committed to innovation and developing the best quality products that can be enjoyed by everyone.”

A pack of four vegan mince pies are currently being sold for 1.


Nathaniel comes from a background of cycling and fitness. After eating a regular diet for most of his life, he came across the vegan lifestyle 3 years ago and has never looked back. Nathaniel considers himself an animal lover, environmentalist and keen cyclist while promoting the vegan lifestyle along the way. He's now a registered personal trainer, gym instructor and currently working his way towards a Sport, Fitness and Coaching degree.

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