ASDA Vegan Labelling – A Supermarket Breakthrough!

asda vegan labelling

Shopping as a vegan is luckily getting easier and easier, with ASDA leading the way. ASDA vegan labelling means that everyday items such as ketchup, soup and even vodka will now be adorned with the Vegan trademark, ensuring you can purchase items without scouring the ingredients first.

How many times have you bought an item and thought you checked the ingredients, only to find later on you missed the beeswax/honey/oyster sauce/milk powder? Too damn many if you ask me.

‘Providing vegan options makes clear commercial sense for retailers, who can open up their market to a fast growing number of vegans worldwide.’ – George Gill, The Vegan Society

There is clear labelling for halal, gluten free, even low calorie food, and it makes sense for retailers to finally respond to the growth for vegan friendly products.

ASDA vegan labelling their products also shows a huge leap in the popularity of veganism. No longer resigned to one miserable shelf in the free from section, it allows vegan products to be spread throughout the store.

asda vegan labelling

It also allows those who think vegan food is weird or expensive, to realise that vegan food is all around them. Hundreds of every day items are unintentionally vegan, and people simply don’t realise. Vegan soup doesn’t need to cost £3 per tin, just take a look at ASDAs own heart vegetable soup!

ASDA have made a huge leap, by being the first UK supermarket to commit to improving vegan labelling on their products.  Although ASDA and fellow supermarkets may already label with their own vegan label, by having this legitimate vegan society approval, it allows extra peace of mind for those doing their shopping.

I’m really impressed with ASDA, and hope that they act as an influence for other big retailers. Veganism is a lifestyle that people commit their lives to, and it’s only fair that retailers can respect that and create products available for everyone.

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