Australia Will BAN Animal Cosmetic Testing

animal cosmetic testing

Animal testing is outdated and immoral, and the world is starting to see it. With a growing conscientious population and the horrors of animal testing becoming well-known, it makes sense for animal cosmetic testing to finally be banned in one of the biggest countries in the world.

Animal cosmetic testing is one of the cruellest forms of animal exploitation. There is no justification whatsoever for putting these animals through such hellish conditions, as some may argue with animal testing for products such as medicine.

Although the public is becoming more and more against animal testings, certain governments still require it to be a necessity. This is why this breakthrough in Australia is so important.

The ban won’t come in place until July 2018, and even then it’s not perfect. Although industrial chemicals scheduled for use in cosmetics can no longer be tested on animals, chemicals for other purposes can be used.

animal cosmetic testing

Although this is a loophole, it will still ensure that thousands of animals are spared the atrocity that is animal cosmetic testing. Animals are forced to endure major pain and suffering, for such minimal human gain.

It’s also a major stepping stone in demonstrating that such testing is no longer welcome. Alternative methods are becoming more and more refined, and are of course more ethical.

Australis banning animal cosmetic testing is not new in the world of animal ethics. Even countries across the world such as Israel, India and Turkey have already banned all forms of animal cosmetic testing, emphasising the absurdity that it has taken Australia this long to reach this stage.

Sadly, 100,000-200,000 animals are still forced to ensure cosmetic testing annually, which is an immense amount of suffering.

Hopefully, Australia taking such a big step towards ending this cruelty will also encourage superpowers such as the US to do the same. However, if the withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement is anything to go by, we shouldn’t be holding our breath anytime soon…


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