Horrified By Bali Dog Meat Scandal? Then You’re A Hypocrite


Another day, another wave of Westerners complaining about Asia serving dog meat. The term ‘Yulin’ has become well known over the past few years, however, Bali is now at the heart of the newest dog meat scandal.

If you’re shocked by the Bali dog meat appearing online, you’re nothing more than a hypocrite.

Recent investigations have revealed that stalls in Bali are selling dog meat under the disguise of chicken, and tourists are appalled.

They found that every day, dogs – including pets – are being taken off the streets of Bali and killed, often brutally, to be sold as meat to tourists. 

They may languish like this for hours or days without food or water. One by one they will be brutally slaughtered in full view of their companions.

Obviously, it’s some pretty disturbing stuff. Thinking of an animal being tortured like that is worthy of getting upset about.

However, the people getting upset, are the people that fund actions like this every single day.

Do you for one minute think that the people who are outraged by dog meat being sold give a damn about cows or chickens etc? Of course not!

Agricultural animals are slaughtered by the thousands every single day, all across the world, in horrific and agonising ways.

bali dog meat

The tourists wouldn’t care if the satay was actually chicken like it was advertised, because who cares about those, right? In fact, they wouldn’t care if it was actually turkey or pork, they only care because it’s a dog.

In fact, they wouldn’t care if it was any ‘typical meat’, they only care because it’s a dog.

I’m not saying that what they’re doing isn’t undeniably cruel, it’s a horrific trade that needs to be stopped.

To oppose the Bali dog meat scandal with such vigour yet turn a blind eye to every other animal slaughtered for food is elitism and hypocrisy at its finest.

You might say; ‘I’m angry because they’re taken off the streets’ or ‘they’re killed in inhumane ways’, but that doesn’t make the Bali dog meat trade any different or more horrific than animal agriculture.

Animals are bred and raised their whole lives in squalor, with no other meaning to their life apart from their death.

Dairy cows are abused until their bodies can no longer take it, and then they are simply killed for their flesh.

There has been investigation after investigation demonstrating that slaughter houses are not humane. From pigs being scalded alive to cows having their throats slit, they do not die a peaceful death.

So next time you suddenly become a keyboard warrior when a different culture eats a different meat to you, think about it.

You show this compassion towards one animal unnecessarily being slaughtered for its meat, so why not show it towards others?

Lydia is currently a 2nd year journalism student studying at the University of Leeds. While previously working at one of Singapore's leading lifestyle websites, she's now been covering vegan news since 2016. After going vegetarian for ethical reasons in 2015, she is a passionate vegan, who wants to ensure that animals are treated with love and compassion.


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