‘100% Beef’ Found Containing THREE Horse Microchips


London-based businessman Andronicos Sideras has been accused of adding 30,000kg of horse meat to beef in order to sell it for burgers and ready meals.

Following the accusations, tests were carried out on the meat. Those tests revealed microchips from three different horses, with a number of horses involved in the scandal described as ‘significant’.

Lead prosecutor, Jonathan Polnay told jurors: “It will be apparent that for the fraud to work it needed someone to carry out the ­physical mixing of the meats.”

“It needed someone to fix the documents, to make them look genuine. That key role was taken by this defendant.”  

According to the prosecutor, the process started with Danish business called Flexifoods buying the horse meat from European suppliers. It would then be delivered to Sideras at his Dinos & Sons facility.

“Dinos would create false paperwork and labels to make it look like all the meat being supplied was beef.”

The meat would then be sold for an increased profit.

Prosecutor Polnay said: “This case, stripped to its essentials, is very straightforward. It is about lying to people and deceiving people to make money.”

“Or to be more precise – to make more money. Like most, if not all, offences of dishonesty, it was ­motivated by greed.”

While Sideras denies any wrongdoing, the trial continues.

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