Why Being A Vegan Man Is The Most Powerful Way To Boost Your Health

being a vegan man

There’s a certain stigma, especially in Western cultures that choosing a vegan diet is a feminine thing to do. Thankfully, as more men do choose the lifestyle, this stigma is changing. Veganism is for everyone, the more people going vegan the better. If you’re a bloke and are new to veganism or want to find out more, then this is a great place to get started. Here’s why being a vegan man is the best change you can make to your health.

Prostate cancer

If you’re eating red meat or high-fat dairy products, you have a much greater risk of developing prostate cancer sometime in your life. To be specific, eating a diet that includes animal products, increases your chance of prostate cancer by 35%! The best diet to combat the chances is a low-fat vegan diet combined with regular exercise. Take a look at the chart below and you’ll see countries/areas that eat diets high in vegetables have a lot lower prostate cancer rates.

being a vegan man


It’s a myth that you need to eat meat to perform well in the bedroom. In fact, it’s the complete opposite. Eating meat and dairy means you’ll be consuming a high amount of saturated fat and cholesterol. These clog up our arteries and make it for difficult for blood to pass through. That means that blood will struggle to get to many vital organs, the penis being one of them. A diet that’s rich in fruit, vegetables, nuts and other plant-based foods helps to protect against blocked arteries which lowers your chance of impotence and other health issues such as strokes and heart attacks.

being a vegan man


Eating whey-based foods or drinking milk, drastically increases the chance of you struggling with acne. The hormones in the milk promote oil production which can block hair follicles, causing them to become infected which will mean you break out. Dairy is mostly taken from pregnant cows meaning the amount of hormones in it is incredibly high. Cutting out dairy will greatly reduce your chance of suffering from acne, in fact many people who turn vegan never have acne issues again.

being a vegan man


Research shows that those who choose a vegan diet report a lot less stress and anxiety. Omnivores have a lot higher rate of depression and suicide and it’s highly likely that by sticking to a vegan diet, you’ll be cutting your chances of being depressed.

Heart disease

being a vegan man

It’s one of the biggest killers accross the world. 1.4million men in the UK have it and every year, around 50,000 men have a heart attack. As mentioned earlier, a diet high in meat, dairy or eggs means you’re consuming a lot of cholesterol and fat. These clog your arteries, meaning your chance of contracting heart disease is very high. The best way to reduce this is by choosing a vegan diet that’s low in fat. Not only will this combat heart disease but it’ll also protect against disease like obesity, diabetes and cancer.

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