Is Being Pescatarian Good Enough?


Many people seem to view meat and fish as two separate things, as if they aren’t both living creatures killed for their flesh. Many also think that being pescatarian is a good alternative to vegetarianism or veganism. However, is being pescatarian good enough? Or a does it still do the same damage?

Can fish feel pain?

Although not in the same way humans do, yes, fish do feel pain. So whether its a hook through their face or simply suffocating to death on a boat, it’s not a painless process. 

is pescatarian good enough

In the same way people try to tell themselves animals die painlessly for their meat, a pescatarian may try to assure themselves that fish are not like mammals in the way they process pain. Fish are sentient, alive beings, and suffer when they die just like other animals.

What are the environmental impacts?

Is being pescatarian good enough? Not when the environment is concerned. Many choose to believe that fish is an environmentally good alternative to greenhouse gas producing cows and other animals.

In fact, over fishing is one of the most serious issues our planet is having to face. Overfishing is not the only issue, but also habitat destruction, derelict fishing gear and by-catch, where other animals get caught in the huge nets. 

is pescatarian good enough

In fact, the fishing of shrimp is one of the most destructive industries on the planet.

The ocean is a finite resource, and we are destroying it by taking out the animals that help it thrive and survive.

Isn’t it a good place to start?

Yes, going pescatarian is a great place to start. If it means you’re on the way to cutting out all meat, then fab! However, too many feel complacent that eating fish instead of other meat is enough.

It still harms millions of animals each year, including those such as dolphins, sharks and turtles that get caught up in the industry. Not to forget the horrific impacts it has on the environment. It’s a good place to start, but not to finish.


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