Why Being Vegan At Uni Is 100% Possible


The idea of being vegan at uni is utterly incomprehensible for many students. “What about the takeaways?? What about going to Maccas after a night out?? Is alcohol vegan? Isn’t it too expensive???”

Yet lo and behold, here I am, and there are many vegan students out there. It is possible, and it actually makes life a lot easier.

In regards to takeaways, a student staple, being vegan doesn’t stop that. Sure you can’t get the cheese topped pizzas from Dominoes, but I can count multiple local takeaways near me that do vegan pizzas. These are complete with ‘cheese’, ‘meat’, spinach, peppers, onions, and everything you could fancy. A 16 inch vegan pizza for £8? Yes please.

being vegan at uni

Just have a look on Just Eat and Hungry House, and I’m certain there’ll be a place near you that does delivery vegan options.

Being vegan at uni doesn’t need to be impossible because you fancy going to McDonalds after a night out. Did you know McDonalds actually has a vegan burger? Order the spicy veggie deluxe without mayo, and there you go.

being vegan at uni

Their chips, hash-browns and apparently even their apple pies are also vegan! If you’re smart and dedicated enough to get the grades you need for uni, you’re probably able to order the veggie burger instead of a cheeseburger. You’ll probably be so drunk they all taste the same anyway.

Luckily, most alcohol IS vegan! Keep an eye out for ciders, wines and beers however, as their distillation process is a little ‘fishy’. Luckily my favourites, Strongbow and Jäger, are both vegan, so I’m all good.

If you’re not sure, go to Barnivore.com, and type in the alcohol you’re interested in. There is so much booze out there, you’ll most certainly find some you like and that is vegan.

being vegan at uni

One of the biggest things I notice when students come home from first year of uni, is that they’ve put on quite a bit of weight. Not surprising at all, when you consider having to cook for yourself and relying on fast food and booze to fill you up.

Yet, a vegan diet is naturally lower in calories, fat, saturated fat and other nasties that a omni diet has. So chances are, even if you eat like utter shit, you’ll still be in better shape than those eating the equivalent in animal products.

And no, being vegan is not expensive. I’ve asked around and I actually spend less on my weekly food shop than those who eat meat! When you eat out, vegan options tend to be cheaper, and when you go vegan, you waste less money buying crap like sausage rolls or chicken sandwiches when you’re a it peckish.

Being vegan at uni is definitely not the hardest thing you’ll experience when you’re here. Give it a try!


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