Being Vegan- What Everyone Should Know

being vegan

Being vegan changes you in hundreds of different ways, some of which meat-eating friends and family may not understand. Attitudes towards veganism can be hostile to say the least, and are often misunderstood and misinformed. Here’s a few things vegans wish everyone knew about being vegan, if you have any more please suggest them in the comments below!

Veganism is cheap

One argument so many people give against being vegan, is that lots of people can’t afford it, and that it’s elitist to assume that everyone can go vegan. Sure, if you’re living below the poverty line/ have no control over what food you are given, we’re not going to chop your heads off for not eating vegan. But if you’re busy tweeting about how you can’t afford to go vegan from your cosy room on your iPhone 6, you should really take a second to think about what you’re saying. Check out more about this on our article on cheap veganism!

being vegan is not expensive

You don’t need to need to eat health store food to be vegan, and believe it or not, those who actually are vegan will know more about how much it costs than a meat eater who presumes that they know.

We don’t do/say what we do to be annoying, we do it because we care

If you think that vegans voice their opinions because they love being personally attacked and ridiculed just for fun, you have no idea. Vegans voice their opinions, often which go against the way the majority of people live, because we honestly care about the impacts it has. We don’t enjoy making you feel guilty for eating meat, and we don’t love arguing or being hostile. But when so many people seem to not care about their health, the environment or the animals, it can be frustrating to say the least.

We care about your health, and the fact that our environment is in such a bad way, you should care about it too. Yes vegans may make it known that they’re vegan, but is that seriously the worst of your worries? We hear horrendous things that happen to animals a whole lot more than you hear someone talking about veganism, so maybe it’s time you started listening instead.

You can’t be ‘half’ vegan

being vegan

It is so frustrating to hear people on social media declare that they’re ‘half vegan’ or vegan but still eating seafood. Being vegan isn’t a thing you can do half heartedly, it’s go hard or go home. Being ‘half vegan’ is not possible because by still eating animal products, you are still exploiting the lives of animals. You are eating a half plant based diet, but not vegan. Veganism is a lifestyle, and a way of living, not just something you can pick and choose what to follow.

You start viewing things in different ways

For a start, you notice just how much animal products are eaten. You go into supermarkets and see the meat aisle differently, it’s not just a piece of meat anymore. Trying to find vegan options at restaurant clarifies how sadly dependent on meat our society has become. (good news with things like this becoming a possibility though!)

But then, you also start to see other things. You notice just how many other people care about animals like you do, and how veganism is spreading more and more. You see it on the news, on social media, being spoken about in public, and you notice how opinions are slowly but surely beginning to change.

When you argue against veganism, you kind of look like an idiot

Please, please, please, STOP thinking that you know what you’re talking about when making broad statements on social media. No, plants do not feel pain. No, we do not eat animals food, and no by being vegan we do not cut down rain-forests to make space for our vegetables. Sadly, these are all legit arguments I have had against me on twitter.

Hearing people say that vegans hurt animals because we eat their food is possibly the most infuriating/ idiotic thing you could possibly say, and please educate yourself before making such statements. Vegans are vegan for a reason, meaning that they actually know about factors such as animal rights and the environment.

Being vegan is not confusing, just ask!

Assumptions never tend to be correct, and being misinformed never helps anybody! Just ask someone if you’re interested or confused, and receive answers which are actually true, factually backed up, and help everybody on the planet.

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