3 Amazing Places To Buy Vegan Shoes

buy vegan shoes

The basics of buying vegan shoes

If you’re looking to buy vegan shoes, you might struggle. If you’ve recently come from an omni-lifestyle it’s highly likely that you’re used to not giving a second thought to the shoes you’re slipping on your feet. Many products are made from leather, suede or an assortment of other animals’ skin.

When you’re out to buy vegan shoes there’s a couple of materials to avoid. In particular, watch out for leather, suede, alligator skin, kangaroo skin and snakeskin. There are plenty of vegan materials shoes can be made from and these include faux leather, all synthetic materials, polyurethane, cork, microfiber, waxed canvas cotton and faux suede.

Here’s a few awesome vegan shoes that are paving the way to a fashionable, cruelty-free future.

Etnies vegan collection

buy vegan shoes

If you’re looking to buy vegan shoes and are after a regular looking, stylish shoe, Etnies is a great place to start. They sell kids, mens and womens shoes and have a variety of designs and colours. It’s refreshing to see a brand put so much effort into a full vegan line. These shoes look awesome and have great reviews. Luckily, as vegan shoes go, they’re fairly well priced so you wont be forking out a small fortune.

Click here to see their full vegan collection!

Bourgeois Boheme

buy vegan shoes

This independent, London-based shoe brand is completely vegan and cruelty-free. They use faux leather to produce some smart looking shoes. They’re big on ethics and cater for both men and women with everything from boots and shoes to heels and flats. Take a look at their website and it’s immediately clear they have a taste for high end shoes. If you’re after a smart pair of shoes for a wedding, formal function or everyday office attire, Bourgeois Boheme will suit you down to the ground.

Click here to visit the full Bourgeois Boheme website!

Beyond Skin

Beyond Skin are another fully vegan shoe maker. If you’re looking for something quirky, smart or anything in between, this is a great place to buy vegan shoes from. They currently only sell women’s shoes but they have promised that there’ll be a full mens collection up by summer 2017. Expect to pay a slight premium for these shoes but rest-assured, they’re high quality and completely cruelty-free. That’s worth the extra cost!buy vegan shoes

Click here to head straight over to Beyond Skin!


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