Top 3 Vegan Energy Bars

Vegan athlete Barney Deplessis

Trying to find vegan energy bars that aren’t filled with BS like added whey protein or milk can be a little tricky, but thanks to the growing market of vegan athletes, there are more and more energy bars making their way onto shelves and into our homes. Here are a list of of the 3 best vegan energy bars, perfect for you to use for your next vegan fuelled work out.

Clif Bar

vegan energy bars clif bar

A firm favourite of mine, Clif Bars are one of the most well known vegan energy bars out there. In over 6 different flavours, there’s something for everyone no matter what your taste, and they’re guaranteed to both fill you up and fuel you up. Organic and almost entirely vegan, Clif as a brand is one you should get to know. Give their choc blocks a try too, delicious and full of energy.

Trek Bar

vegan energy bars

Another of my personal favourites, Trek Bars are full of a whopping 10g of protein. Whether you eat them as a snack because they taste that damn good, or as fuel during/after exercise, these are guaranteed to keep you going further for longer. I love the regular chocolate flavour, but give the fruit and peanut butter a try too, I thought it would be average but I was blown away by how good it actually was.

Lara Bars

vegan energy bars

Made almost completely of fruit, Lara Bars come in as many flavours as you could possibly imagine. Made with as few ingredients as possible, as well as being organic and GMO free, they have products whether you want extra protein, some more energy or even just a granola bar to get you through your boring day at work. Perhaps not for you chocolate lovers, but perfect for all vegans who love their fruit.

Vegan Energy Bars for the win

Whether you’re a chocolate or a fruit fan, or just like a bit of granola, there’s something for all vegans out there. As more companies realise people care about what they’re putting in their bodies, there will be even more options available, so keep your eyes peeled in the near future!

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