The Best Vegan Instagrams You Need To Follow

Image from one of the best vegan instagrams


If you’re after some new vegan Instas to follow then here’s a pretty good place to start. @FOODIE.PARIS is still fairly small in terms of following compared  to other foodies out there, but she has to have one of the best vegan Instagrams at the moment!



Posting a variety of colourful foods and dishes, Robyn has a load of tasty looking meals. The pizzas look like they’re to die for and these fajitas she made look bloody good too. Worth a follow.


This has to be one of the best vegan Instagrams out there. One of the bigger vegan Instagram food pages, she boasts a big following and some shit hot vegan food to fill her profile with. If you’re interested she also has a cookbook out too!

Reunited with the best vegan donuts of my life

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Listing all the ingredients that go into each image you’ll be able to recreate your own mouth watering breakfasts, dinners and desserts with relative ease.


If you’re looking for a fruit-filled vegan Insta then this one’s for you. With mangoes, berries and bananas galore, Jenna will have you wanting to rush off to tropical Asia to get you’re hands on some juicy, ripe fruit!

Our bodies are the temple of our souls and we have a duty to take good care of it🙏🏻🌱🙌🏻❤️✨

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The Best Vegan Instagrams

Although some of those on here are fairly still fairly small, you’ll be able to get in early and see them as they continue to post amazing food. Not only that but you now have some delicious meal ideas for you to impress your mates with!

If you need some solid recipes and don’t know where to get them, we’ve got you covered on that too.

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