The Best Vegan Mexican Recipes

vegan mexican recipes

Who doesn’t love Mexican food? Packed with all that meat and cheese I’m sure you thought eating Mexican as a vegan is impossible! In fact, some of these recipes are dead easy to make , requiring only a few ingredients and very little of your time. Here’s some of the best vegan Mexican recipes!

Tempeh Taco Sliders

vegan mexican recipes

Now these look TASTY. Indulge in some seriously delicious sliders, perfect for sharing with friends or eating all by yourself! Slightly more on the time-consuming side, the tacos might require a fair few ingredients but they’ll be worth your time. Find them on PETA over here.

Sweet Potato Burritos

vegan mexican recipes

Need a high carb, filling meal? These are perfect if you want some leftovers for the next day. Simply use this recipe but skip out on the cheddar and throw in your favourite vegan cheese. (HINT- make yourself some creamy cashew cheese to spread all over them). Find them on All Recipes over here.

Vegan Chick’n Enchiladas

vegan mexican recipes

These are so good. Perfect for if you want to show off your vegan cookery skills to your mates. Eating these you wouldn’t guess they’re not vegan, try slipping them to your meat-eating mates and show them just how good being vegan is! Find them on PETA over here.

Blue Corn Nachos

vegan mexican recipes

And who thought you could have cheesy nachos while eating vegan? In fact, you can have pretty much anything as a vegan, there’s substitutes for everything so absolutely no excuses! Find them on Cookie + Kate over here.

Vegan Churros

vegan mexican recipes

Arguably saving the best for last, these are perhaps the easiest and tastiest of all the vegan Mexican recipes we have. Dead easy to make, only requiring a few ingredients and a small portion of your time. The reward is HUGE. Find them on PETA over here.

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