Best Vegan Restaurants In Singapore

Our favourite of all vegan restaurants in Singapore

Here’s our favourite vegan restaurants in Singapore that’ll have you salivating down your chest and blowing a fair bit of cash. Enjoy!

Brownice Italian Bistro

This is by far my favourite of all vegan restaurants in Singapore. First establishing itself with it’s signature brown rice ice cream, the chain has now expanded to also offer an assortment of Italian-inspired foods. From pizzas to pesto pasta and everything in between, Brownice is the holy grail for vegans in Singapore. My order is usually:

-Cheesy fries
-BBQ chicken pizza
-Chocolate milkshake
-Chocolate brownie ice cream

And if you still have space I would recommend one of the ice cream cakes or waffles to round it all off!

Price- $$

Brownice Italian Bistro
53 East Coast Road
Tel- 6348 2295
Open: 12pm-11pm Daily

Loving Hut

The worldwide brand established itself in Singapore a few years back now but is still the go-to place for vegans looking for a satisfying meal. Boasting a wide variety of food, they also sell a load of vegan snacks and sweets for you to take home. Loving Hut is on the more premium side of the scale with most dishes costing more than others on this list but the restaurant is one of the more comfortable and attractive ones so deserves the price you pay. My usual order is:

-Cranberry lemon juice
-Basket of trio crisps
-All-star burger


Price- $$$

Loving Hut
229 Joo Chiat Road #01-01
Tel- 9787 4389
Open: 11am-10pm Daily


A newcomer to the Singapore vegan food scene offering a variety of vegan fast food, most notably their burgers. I’ve been here a few times and tried a number of their burgers, my favourite is probably the QQ Cheezy but I tend to swap out the mushroom patty for a soya one. The good thing about Nomvnom is that for a vegan place its bloody cheap, you’re able to pick up their cheapest burger for a mere $6.50 (Otah Otah). Only gripe here is that you get a free shot of apple cider vinegar with your order and it tastes like shit but it’s free so we can’t complain! My usual order is:

-QQ cheezy (soya patty)
-Chocolate ice cream

Price- $

6 Eu Tong Sen Street #B1-44
Tel- 6224 4996
Open: 11am-10pm Daily


Living Cafe (Balanced Living)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for another place serving vegan food and more vegan restaurants in Singapore but come on, can they just fuck off the bullshit water/juice fast shit plastered all over the tables and on their website? Besides that, the food is decent, not the best in Singapore but still decent. Only other thing to note that this is again on the higher end of the price scale with the bill usually costing a fair amount more than some of the other options. My usual order is:

-Taco Boats
-Quinoa Veggie (vegan option)
-Round it off with one of the raw cakes they have on offer

Price- $$$

Living cafe- average out of all vegan restaurants in singapore

The Living Cafe
779 Bukit Timah Road
Tel- 6468 4482
Open: 11am-10pm Daily


Gokul Vegetarian

Gokul is a restaurant that serves a variety of amazing Indian food and although it’s vegetarian by name, they have many vegan dishes on offer. This is by far the best if you’re on the hunt of value for money. Portions come stacked high with food and the end product is delicious! I had been reluctant to try eating here for a year or so but now I’ve finally visited I’ll be returning again and again over the next few months. My order:

-Aloo gobi saag
-Prata set
-Char Kway Teow

Price- $

Gokul Vegetarian
19 Upper Dickson Road
Tel- 6396 7769
Open: 10:30am-10pm Daily


The Best Vegan Restaurants In Singapore

If you’re after some good grub, head down to one of these. Weekends are usually best as many places offer some pretty delicious specials on Saturdays and Sundays. Enjoy!

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