Beyond Burger Soon To Be Sold In McDonald’s And Burger King

The brand already has big-name investors such as Bill Gates and Leonardo DiCaprio.

beyond meat mcdonald's

Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown has said he is “very confident” that the Beyond Burger will shortly be sold in McDonald’s, Burger King and Wendy’s.

Since launching, the brand has raised $72 million in capital from investors such as Bill Gates and Leonarda DiCaprio and has been named the biggest scientific breakthrough of 2017. 

In his latest interview with Entrepreneur, CEO Ethan Brown discussed the future of Beyond Meat and what he hopes to achieve with the brand in the coming years.

Specifically, the ability to buy the plant-based burger at your local fast-food outlet.

“I’m very confident that’s going to happen, because I think the consumer is turning so quickly. We are not telling people not to eat meat — I think that would be a massive mistake — we’re simply suggesting that they have a new type of meat, just plant based,” 

“Once we break the code and get to the point where it’s indistinguishable from animal protein,” Brown said, “I think you will see that shift.”

In the interview, Brown also discussed how Beyond Meat came to be, originally coming from the energy sector himself.

“I spent a lot of time there and really developed an appreciation for the scale of animal agriculture,” says Brown, who has been a vegan for years but still samples meat to compare to Beyond Meat products. “With that exposure and interest in clean tech and climate, I thought that I could solve things that I cared about by focusing on protein in the plate.”

“That’s an awesome feeling by the way, to go from having a totally stable corporate existence where you have a 401(k), savings and everything’s totally organized to complete fucking chaos,” Brown says. “Pretty strange experience, but it helps to keep you motivated for sure.”

The Beyond Burger is now sold in 19,000 retail stores and restaurants including 465 TGI Friday’s restaurants in the US.

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