Beyond Meat Sees Sales Quadruple In Only 4 Months

beyond meat sales quadruple in hong kong

Plant-based brand Beyond Meat has seen its sales in Hong Kong quadruple in the four months since its first international expansion.

In April, Beyond Meat launched a number of their products, including the Beyond Burger, at the Green Common cafe and grocery stores in Hong Kong. The move was the brand’s first expansion outside of the US.

Beyond Meat Sets Out To ‘Transform The Meat Section’

Founder of Green Common, David Yeung, explained how Beyond Meat is being received in Hong Kong.

“The majority of our patrons are meat-eaters,” Yeung told media outlet Foodnavigator-Asia. “Once entering the store, their eyes and taste buds are opened to a whole new world, one which they have never experienced before.”

Beyond Meat, recently built a new factory in Columbia, MO to keep up with the surge in demand.

The new facility will allow Beyond Meat to triple their production of products such as Beyond Burgers and Beyond Sausages by threefold.

The new factory will also create 250 new jobs, and allow the company to further innovate their products.

At the time, Beyond Meat Chief Operating Officer Mark Nelson said: “Our expanded 100,000 square-foot manufacturing footprint will provide the scale we need to service our rapidly growing retail, foodservice, and international customer base”.

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