Beyond Meat Sets Out To ‘Transform The Meat Section’

The Beyond Burger will be available in the UK later this summer.

beyond meat

Speaking at the Seeds & Chips conference in Milan, Italy, Beyond Meat executive chairman Seth Goldman vowed to ‘transform the meat section’ of supermarkets across the world.

Earlier this year, Beyond Meat announced they had partnered with a variety of distributors to bring Beyond Meat products to 50 countries across the world, including the whole of Europe, Canada, and Australia.

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Speaking at the conference Goldman said: “Our belief is that we will transform the meat section into the protein section… so it’s cow protein, chicken protein, and plant-based protein.

“And the results have been phenomenal – we have launched this in the two largest retailers in the United States, and in several regions the Beyond Burger is the top-selling packaged burger in the meat section.

“Not the top-selling plant-based burger…the top selling burger. And that’s transformational.”

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Goldman went on to explain how the plant-based startup conducted an MRI scan on a burger to understand its properties at a molecular level.

“There’s not a magical ingredient in meat that we can’t source in the plant kingdom. What’s unique about meat is the way it’s structured.”

Following the MRI scan Beyond Meat were able to replicate the way amino acids, water and fats are structured in meat so that they could create the most realistic plant-based burger possible.

Since its launch, Beyond Meat has been hugely popular, being served at thousands of restaurants and stores across the US. The brand now has plans to expand rapidly across the globe.

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